Friday, 16 December 2016

Armand Rousso- High-Tech Financier

Armand Rousso is one of the prevalent French business tycoons. He is also known as Marc Rousso. Rousso was one of the recognized businessmen in France., a trade to trade search engine was founded by the renowned personality. He is also identified as the founder of X3D Technology.
Armand Rousso is the father of Vanessa Rousso, who is professionally a poker player. Armand was settled down in America in 1982. When he worked was a dealer of stamps, he traded $45 million in exceptional stamps in 1985. He is quite recognized in the business world as a great Entrepreneur. Rousso began an online stamp exchange site when the internet was less attractive to people. The website is acknowledged as The International Stamp Exchange. The company lasted till 1990.

Armand Rousso As A Well-known Business Magnate
Armand Rousso was considered as an expert in the e-commerce industry. He had vast knowledge about business. He wanted to start his own business and wanted to make it widespread in the business world. He wanted to rule in the trade world with his excellent work. The International Stamp Exchange site has been noticed by numerous in the Internet commerce as the major e-commerce enterprise online.

The general stamp exchange site allowed every individual to sell the rare stamps online. In fact, those who look for stamps can purchase or trade online. Armand Rousso always focuses on the development of his company. He has joined in some high-tech innovations to make it demanding. Though he was quite fascinated towards his business or e-commerce service, he was a man with skill. He was quite talented in chess field.